Who will get into Europe?

Getting into Europe can be a complicated matter. There are two European competitions: the UEFA Champions League and the UEFA Europa League. The top four Premier League clubs qualify for the UEFA Champions League. The top three go straight through to the Group Stage and the fourth has to first go into a play-off. If a team wins the Champions League but is not one of the top four in the Premier league, then it still goes through to the Group Stage replacing the fourth team which then drops down to the Europa League.

The other teams that enter the Europe League are the FA Cup winners which go to the Group Stage, the fifth place club in the Premier League which enter the play-offs, winners of the Football League Cup which enter at the Q3 stage, and winners of the Fair Play League. So, if you want to bet on any club getting into Europe, you will need to cover all of the above possibilities. Many bookmakers offer odds and which clubs will get into Europe, however with the season so far gone such bets can be very complicated, it is a bit like placing multiple bets at a casino.

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