FIFA Sent Apologies To Ukraine On 2018 World Logo Error

FIFA have sent their heartfelt apologies to Ukraine on 2018 World logo error. It’s a crucial step especially in the time of FIFA’s support for Russia as an upcoming World Cup host which has received severe criticisms for hosting the mega event at a time of turbulent relations with Ukraine.

The much celebrated presentation of World Cup 2018 logo at the Russian capital last week showed Ukraine as a unit of Russian Federation. Naturally, it was very hurtful for the Ukrainians and the very incident also fuelled further tension in the worsening relation between Russia & Ukraine. The Crimea Peninsula of Ukraine was captured by Putin’s army last march that sparked a bloody series of continuous military in between Russian-backed separatists & Ukraine government forces.

Ukraine Football Federation have published an apology letter from FIFA body on the official site.

“Reference is being made to this unfortunate incident that occurred during the launch of 2018 World official emblem in Moscow”, read a statement from FIFA.

“As a part of official logo launch for this mega event, the local organization committee assigned a Russian creative portal to handle the projection duties as a distinct photo & filming opportunity on Bolshoi Theatre. Unfortunately, a Russian map at the projection displayed Ukrainian territory of Crimea Peninsula as a unit of Russia. The map selection & use at the projection escaped FIFA’s notice while uploading video footage for YouTube channel and our website.

“The moment this very unfortunate act came to our notice, we instantly removed out the controversial short sequence. We deeply regret any kind of inconvenience resulted from this very unfortunate incident & we assure you better attention to materials procured from third parties later on in future.”

Ukraine reportedly approached UEFA & FIFA to impose stern action against Putin’s territory for allowing 3 Crimean soccer clubs to play in Russian League.