French national football team good turnout in 2014

The French national football team has experienced a positive campaign in 2014 as they managed to reach the quarter-final stages of the previous World Cup and only lost to Germany which was the nation that would later turn into the champions.

Didier Deschamps is the manager of the French team and he has expressed his desire to remain being the coach on a long term basis even beyond the 2016 UEFA Euro’s which is going to be hosted by France and the pressure is already starting to build up as the nation has to make a good campaign as they are playing in their home soil.

When Deschamps was asked if he would like to continue being in charge of the French national football team, he responded by saying:

“Absolutely. Noel Le Graet (The French Football Federation boss) wants that, and I want it too. This is totally clear and we both fully agree on that matter. We have already discussed this and will continue to do so. Le Graet wants me to carry on beyond the finals.”Deschamps said as he revealed his aspiration to remain in charge of the nation for the next years.

The 46 year old manager of France has already been in charge of top clubs around Europe including: Monaco, Juventus and Marseille. When the 2014 edition of the World Cup was over, rumors started pouring in claiming that Deschamps was going to continue coaching a club but it seems like the experienced coach is going to stay put.

The French nation has a team filled with talented players which includes: Hugo Lloris, Raphael Varane, Bacary, Paul Pogba, YohanCabaye, KarimBenzema, Loic Remy and Olivier Giroud just to name a few of them but even with all of this quality on the pitch, France has struggled trying to lift major international titles and now the pressure is on Didier Deschamps as he is man selected to make it happen for France.