FIFA will increase monitoring

With the 2014 FIFA World Cup less than a year away from kicking off, the governing body of world football has promised greater monitoring of the stadiums in Brazil as they look to push through the construction process to end as early as possible.

According to a statement from FIFA secretary general Jerome Valcke, FIFA wants all 12 stadiums for next summer’s showpiece event which kicks off in June 2014 as early as possible and will maintain dialogue with the Brazilian authorities to ensure the construction process as early as possible.

Brazil recently hosted the FIFA Confederations Cup in June and there were several delays in the construction process of the stadiums for those events and according to Valcke, FIFA will definitely not tolerate any delays in the construction process for the 2014 FIFA World Cup. Valcke admitted that although the FIFA Confederations Cup was a success in terms of its infrastructure, there were still some deficiencies as well as few challenges that still need to be resolved ahead of the world football governing body’s flagship event next summer.

Valcke went on to add that the organizers need to focus on the construction process on the 12 stadia and it is natural that there will be strict monitoring of the six stadia that are still under construction. Valcke mentioned that it would be best if the authorities managed to set up the complimentary infrastructure as early as possible and make sure everything is place much earlier than the situation was during the FIFA Confederations Cup.

Valcke is also scheduled to visit the South American country between the 19th and 22nd August and inspect the work going on at the stadia in Sao Paulo, Manaus and Curitiba and assess the progress that have been made on these stadia since the FIFA Confederations Cup.