Football game review

In recent years more sports betting fans than ever have started trying out online casino, tempted by slots games based around different sports. Unsurprisingly, given the immense popularity of football around much of the world, many of these games are based around this – including Soccer Safari.

This particular video slot, which has five reels and thirty pay lines was originally created to mark the World Cup a few years ago, and has proved a lasting hit with football and slots fans. So just what exactly makes this game so appealing to these fans?

Well to start with, it’s funny. There are lots of soccer slots, but few have the amusement value of this one, with its animated animals rampaging around a jungle football ground, and the high quality video graphics squeeze every ounce of comedy value out of this setup. Amongst the highlights in this respect are the celebratory meerkats, the ‘wizard of dribble’ lion, the overly-physical buffalo and the elephant commentator who looks more than a little like one Gary Lineker.

It seems likely that the bonus game where you have to try and score goals yourself is also pretty appealing to football fans –while casino fans will love the prize bonuses available if you manage to hit the target.

And really, this is the key to the success of Soccer Safari, in a field as crowded as that of football-based slots games, that it provides both a great football and a great casino experience. This latter aspect is further enhanced by the increased payout chances created by the wild and scatter reel icons (they are the Soccer Safari and World Cup trophy ones) and the aforementioned thirty pay lines.

This is crucial because, however entertaining a slots game is, people play them at online and mobile casino sites such as GamingClub in the hopes of winning either the top jackpot ($8000 in this case), or some level of payout.