In 2016, FIFA will spend $185 million on Russia’s 2018 World Cup

Preparations for the 2018 World Cup have already taken place and the international soccer organization, FIFA has revealed that they will be spending $185 million for preparations.

$185 million is only the amount of money that FIFA estimated which will be spent just for the year of 2016. The total amount which is believed that FIFA plans to utilize in order to fully support and fund the football tournament which is over 2 years away from kicking off is $4 billion.

Russia’s Vladimir Putin and former president of FIFA Sepp Blatter continue to support each other despite having received numerous criticisms for different reasons which extends beyond the world of football.

A few days ago, there were a number of FIFA officials that were arrested due to claims of corruption but Vladimir Putin believes that this only occurred as a way to prevent Sepp Blatter from being re-elected as the president of FIFA.

Vladimir Putin said: “I have no doubt that this is obviously an attempt to prevent Mr. Blatter’s re-election to the post of FIFA president, which is a grave violation of the principles that international organizations function on,”

Sepp Blatter continued his re-election plans and he was elected as the president of FIFA for a 5th successive term but after a series of corruption investigations and scandals were established surrounding FIFA, a few days later after being appointed as the president of FIFA, Blatter decided to quit his presidential role.

Despite all of the claims of bribery involving Russia and them being able to host the 2018, FIFA has always refused to strip away Russia from hosting the soccer tournament which takes place a few years away from now but now that the own president decided to resign, a different country might turn into the next hosts for the next World Cup.

Sepp Blatter was the main supporter of seeing Russia hosting the World Cup but now that he resigned, there is a possibility of things changing.