Level of Argentinean Football has definitely gone up

The level of Argentinean Football has definitely gone up in the last one decade or so. They have been one of most dominating teams in the International arena at the junior level and that’s because they have had some really good young players coming through the ranks.

Normally, when you make good progress in junior Football, it means you get strong at the senior level too and win consistently. But, it has not happened with Argentina at all.

They have somehow not been able to achieve as much success in senior Football as they have in junior Football over that same period of time and it’s something to be quite surprised about.

It’s not that they haven’t had good teams at the senior level. Even currently, if you look at the group of players that are there in the frame for them, you would be impressed, but, there is no major trophy to show off in the recent times.

The last one was the Copa America in 1993. More than two decades down the road, the search is still on.

In Brazil the previous summer, it seemed as if the drought would end. Alejandro Sabella’s boys were well on their way, but, only to bump into an enormously strong and highly skilful German side in the final and see their dreams get broken.

There has not been that much of Football for Argentina post the World Cup as has been the case with every other South American team. A few friendlies here and there and that’s it.

And, they have played alright in those friendlies, the Argentineans. But, the aim must be the Copa America that is coming up. They would be desperate to win it at any cost. The longer this title drought keeps getting, the worse it would feel to be in that changing room.

Argentina has got a new manager to show the way. Gerardo Martino has come in, a tactical genius, but, his genius is not going to win the tournament for La Albiceleste. It’s the players who will have to deliver.