Russian Supporters act Raised Concerns for WC 2018

The violent acts of some of the Russian citizens who had come to see the Euro have raised concerns for supporters of various teams about World Cup 2018.

The barbarousness of the Russians caused serious injuries to a handful of Englishmen. A couple of them are even fighting for their lives at this point of time.

Russia has organized some sporting events in the past, but, not an event of such profile. Any inappropriate in the organization of World Cup would only destroy their image as hosts. So, one can imagine them to be pretty tight on security of any travelling foreigner.

FIFA also seems to be trusting Russia to do well as hosts, but, the threat of the hooligans is hard to undermine especially after their massively unfitting conduct  in the city of Marseille.

And, what was more concerning and disappointing after the Marseille incident was the reaction coming from Russia. The important authorities, who should have condemned the acts right away, initially remained silent on the matter and after a while, when some of them spoke, it sounded more like an attempt to defend their men and shift the blame somewhere else.

Even the Russian president stated that when the no. of Russian supporters was far, far lesser than the no. of English supporters, how they could bully them as it had been said.

Putin, however, is now starting to take a strict stand asking the Sports ministry to come up with the names and details of those fans that have violated rules in any domestic or overseas game in the recent times.

However, in spite of all the promises of security and peace, travelling to Russia, as a foreign fan, would not be a simple decision for anyone.