Roy Hodgson suggests England Team to Acquire Inspiration from Leicester City

Roy Hodgson is of the opinion that the England national team can utilise the example of Leicester City to inspire themselves ahead of the Euro 2016.

England go into the tournament as follows the underdogs and not close to even being considered as potential semifinalists. This is despite the national team being on an impeccable run in the last two years. Hodgson has pointed to the example of Leicester City winning the title against all the odds. The team created history by winning the league just 12 months after narrowly avoiding relegation.

Some key members of the Leicester City squad will be part of the England team and they will be able to share their experiences over the last 12 months. Hodgson says that the success achieved by Leicester City is proof that success can be achieved by hard work at all levels. England have not won a major tournament since winning the World Cup in 1966. The closest that the team has come in the last two decades is reaching the quarter-finals, but this is no longer deemed is good enough for the national team especially after the massive investments in the youth policy and training centre.

The Euro 2016 will be the first of the new 2014 European championships and will take place in France.”We’ve seen this year the example with Leicester City: weeks and weeks, turning into months and months, of how long can this last? Is it all going to crack up? Can you really make the Champions League? Can you finish above this team or that team? Can you win the league?Each time what they’ve done is work hard, try hard and tried to make certain going into each game they’re capable of winning it. That’s all we can do as well,” said Hodgson.